Check out our latest Podcast on this week's edition of "Can We Be Honest?" Find more information below: Details

Check out our latest edition of Can We Be Honest?   Find more information below: https:...View Details

Have you ever wondered why the Bible speaks so much about Leprosy?  Matt and Jake explore the connection between the sin in our own lives and the sepa...View Details

Yeshua is the bread of life! Find more information below: Details

Current Events Episode 3

Matt and Jake discuss the current events of May of 2020.   Find more information below: Details

The latest edition of Can We Be Honest? Jake's thoughts on the world at large.      Find more information below:  https://www.fa...View Details

On this edition of the Sabbath Lounge, Jake and Matt discuss the Hebrew words for Gold, Oil, and the Mercy Seat.  They tie it all to together to the r...View Details

Current Events Episode 2

We discuss world events as they relate to Passover and "bugging out"   Find more information below:  htt...View Details

Ken Johnson

  Find out what Ken Johnson says about Hebrew Roots. “Hebrew roots may turn into we are better jews than you(s) so we are going to kill you” Ken Johns...View Details

This fire is a symbol of the the fire you and I should continually stoke. See the quote from Leviticus New International Version The fire must be kept...View Details

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