Week 31 Torah Portions, Leviticus 21-24, Emor, Says, Rules for Priest on marriage, Beards and more!   Sabbath Lounge introduces a new series on the To...View Details

Week 30 Torah Portions, Kedoshim, Holy Ones, Leviticus 19-20 Love God, Love People, 10 commandments.   Sabbath Lounge introduces a new series on the T...View Details

Week 29 Torah Portions, Acharei, After Death, transfering sin, What does forever mean?  Who is Israel? What does afflict your souls mean? Rules for se...View Details

How is Yeshua in the feast?   The Feast Passover Feast of Unleavened BreadFirst FruitsShavuotTrumpetsAtonementSukkot   Learn to tell the story of the ...View Details

Torah Apologetics - Sabbath Lounge Why did Jesus have to die on the Cross?  Torah Apologetics Episode.  Torah Portions, Week 25, Tzav Command, Levitic...View Details

Week 28 Metzora, the Leper, “carve able” hearts, the role of Hyssop, anointed like priest.  Does this reference a Royal Priesthood today?  Us being Pr...View Details

Have you ever wondered why the Bible speaks so much about Leprosy?  Matt and Jake explore the connection between the sin in our own lives and the sepa...View Details

Sabbath Lounge interviews Joshua Myers!  Joshua Myers a feast keeping, sabbath following, Messiah following believer! He is a published author, cartoo...View Details

Week 27 Torah Portions, Tazria, She Conceived, Levicturs 12-13, Leprosy, and priest dermatologist!  A connection to Sukkot, Circumcision, Fever, Head ...View Details

Torah Portions - Sabbath Lounge Torah Portions, Week 26, Shemini Leviticus 9-11:47  Don't Drink and Priest! Sabbath Lounge introduces a new series on ...View Details

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